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Junior Jedi Robotics FAQ's?

The program is designed for Grade 1 - Grade 4 ( Typically Age 6 yr - 9 yr).
No because we build new robot each class i.e. (7-8 robots in the term). As you know kids generally play with toys few days and get excited when a new one comes along.
All equipment is provided by us (including tablets/laptops). Please bring in a bottle of water.
The class will have maximum of 10 kids.
Kids will work in pairs to build and code robots.

Online Classes FAQ's

1. A modern PC or Mac computer with sufficient memory. Tablets are not supported for online class use. PLEASE NOTE: 3D Video Game Design requires a PC. No Chromebooks, tablets or MACs. 2. A USB headset 3. A web camera
TEKIDS virtual classes are intended for 6-15 year olds interested in coding. Our classes range from beginner to advanced. Many parents appreciate the convenience and flexibility of their child taking the class from the comfort of their own home. The kids still feel part of a classroom environment with classmates and an instructor.
Our classes have up to 7-9 students depending on the age group. Our goal is to optimize interactions between instructors and students in the class.
We can create coding classes and camps that meet your needs. Our classes can be 1 hour a week, 1 hour a day, 2 hours a day, etc. Usually classes run for 9 weeks and camps run for 1-2 weeks. We can help you Create Your Own Class or Camp that fits your schedule.
Our instructors have backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and/or math as well as experience working with kids. With a strong understanding of how to teach coding to young kids, your child gets a fun, educational class experience. All our instructors have working with children check.
We understand you may want to try a class before registering for the full session or camp. We have created a sampling of trial classes. The trial class fee can be applied to any future purchase of a coding class or coding camp.
No, our virtual classroom offers a convenient way for your child to participate in a classroom environment with a real, live instructor. We offer the same great instruction that is available in our after school classes and private classes.
We understand that some students will be excited to apply what they are learning to even more challenges. We provide access to our portal which contains a high level review of the lesson and additional challenges and exercises that can be done between classes. If a student has questions or wants to discuss the exercises, they can log on 5 min prior to the class start time.
We only offer make up classes for "Create Your Own Classes" and 1:1 Tutoring Classes. If you think you will need greater flexibility, let us know so we can help you select the right class type for your schedule.
The purpose of the technical assessment is to conduct a thorough test of your child’s equipment (including headphones and webcam). If you experience any technical difficulties during a class, we will do our best to resolve them without taking away from the full classroom experience. If it is more serious, we will schedule a time to help you resolve it. We suggest everyone log on 5 minutes prior to the class start time so that any unexpected issues can be resolved prior to class.
We love it when families learn to code! We give you $10 off an 9 week session or camp for each sibling you sign up. The sibling does not need to be enrolled in the same class but should be enrolled for the same timeframe. Contact Us to get a sibling discount.

Purchases & Refunds

Rarely there are issues with payment gateway integration. Rest assured we will not charge you multiple times. Please send us an email [email protected] when you have issues with payments and we will help you out.
As we take registrations for the term, we do not provide refunds once the term has started. Cancellation requests can only be processed and accepted once received in writing by emailing [email protected] for the term that has not started.
You will have option to apply coupon code at checkout.

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